Sacred Love by B. J. Denver

(Ms. Michael writes under the pen name B.J. Denver.)



Dark Secrets

Jim Ryan was rich, handsome and a successful writer. After four years of hiding in Mexico, he returned home to claim what was rightfully his. Jim struggled with the demons inside of him as he tried to free himself from his unscrupulous past to win the woman he loves.


Annaliza Wentworth was the perfect wife and mourned the death of her husband Tommy, until she discovered his sordid sexual past. Determined never to be vulnerable again, Annaliza forged a new life for herself based on strength, love, and faith, and then she fell in love with Jim Ryan.  

Sacred Love

Trapped in a network of lies and deception, Jim and Annaliza face insurmountable challenges as life seems to work against them. Each has to come to terms with his or her own life issues to find the true meaning of growth, change and sacred love. Will their love survive?