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At the age of fifteen, I discovered a book on reincarnation, The Search for Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein. My quest for spiritual truth started the day I borrowed the book from my local library and hasn’t stopped yet. It unlocked a door to a wealth of spiritual information that set the course of my life. 

My purpose for writing my first book, Path to Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness, was to share with others the many spiritual paths and metaphysical tools I had discovered. After ten years the book is still in print and an eBook version is available. My journey didn’t stop there. As I traveled around the world, visiting sacred sites, meeting people of many different cultures, and searching within myself for answers, I knew that the next step of my journey was to share what I had learned about life but in a different format than my first book.

My fiction series (Life is Never as It Seems,It’s Not Over Yet and Secrets Unraveled) centers around religion, spirituality and the paranormal.  I find it exhilarating to take a "truth principle” and weave it into a fictional story. One or more of my characters are psychic.  I hope through my books to dispel some of the myths surrounding such practices as alternative healing, psychic phenomena, and spirituality. I have received many letters from readers telling me how the trilogy was both page-turners and full of spiritual life lessons that made them think about their own lives.

Life Is Never as It Seems has such the perfect mix of paranormal and scripture that it makes you believe in the story. J.J. Michael has written a great story that is truly a page turner. Once I started reading it, it was very hard to put it down. I can't wait to read the sequel!

Reviewed by LaShonda Bates
for Urban Reviews


I enjoyed It's Not Over Yet from cover to cover because there was never a moment while reading that I did not wonder what was going to happen next. Also appealing was the characterizations of the peripheral characters. They were as multi-dimensional as the main characters. I recommend It's Not Over Yet to all readers interested in a book that takes you outside of yourself and makes you think.

Angelia Menchan
APOOO BookClub


A High Velocity Charge Reviewed by Sharyon Ludwig

JJ Michael is fast becoming a recognized bestselling author. Whether you're at the pool or snuggled up by the fireside, her latest novel "Secrets Unraveled" will send shivers through your body and soul. You can trust that reading a book by JJ Michael will give you that high velocity charge you were hoping for.




Besides being a writer, I’m a numerologist and Chios Master Teacher and Healer. You can find out more information about my psychic abilities at



JJ Michael  

(a.k.a. June Michael)